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Company of Supplier Coconut Sugar

Mount Coco is a reputable and trusted company in the field of coconut sugar supplier products. For almost five years, we have provided coconut sugar products for Indonesian society. We strongly believe that many people have the desire to fulfill their daily necessities such as obtaining coconut products for cooking, improve their health, nutrient, and much more.

Therefore, we came to answer the market needs by providing coconut products namely coconut sugar. This product is made from the extract of coconut flower nectar. The extraction of coconut flower becomes coconut sugar in a liquid form. Surprisingly, even if the core ingredient of coconut sugar comes from coconut, but it doesn’t taste anything like coconut at all, which makes it a super versatile component for cooking, baking, and drizzling to make pancakes, oatmeal, or toast.  

This product has many benefits for the human body, not only for cooking necessity but also it can help people to improve their healthy immune system. According to The Philippine Food and Nutrition, they stated that “Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index of 35 compare with common sugar that being used on daily basis.” From this trustworthy statement, we can conclude that coconut sugar is safe, healthy, and prevent severe disease like diabetes.

We have already proved to you the benefit of this product on the above explanation. Therefore, Mount Coco will give our best efforts to provide best quality coconut product and brings good impact for the society on this field such as improving the coconut farmer income and skill through relevant training and giving social responsibility to preserve nature by grooving coconut tree.

We hope you can entrust Mount Coco as your 1st coconut product commodities supplier company in Indonesia to provide the best quality coconut sugar for our lovely customers.

Our Vision

To improve the economy and make Indonesia  to be greatest the central of agricultural commodities in the world

Our Mission

To make Indonesia the country with the largest agricultural and plantation products in the world


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